Eye Exam – Schedule One Today!

June 28, 2010 at 9:19 pm Leave a comment

You wouldn’t miss an appointment with a doctor for a yearly exam or decide to forego the six-month dental hygiene visit. However, many people neglect a visit to an eye doctor. Sure we all live extremely busy lives but if you have time to visit your physician and dentist, surely you have time to receive a yearly eye exam.

Think about everything you accomplish through sight – it’s a lot isn’t it? In addition, the eyes are the windows to our bodies. Dilated pupils can reveal undiagnosed problems throughout the whole body.

So who all needs comprehensive eye exams? EVERYONE. Yes, that includes individuals with healthy vision. Adults should have their eyes tested to keep prescriptions current as well as to check for early signs of eye disease. For children, eye exams play a signficant role in ensuring normal vision development.

During an eye exam, your doctor will evaluate your eyes for glasses and contacts. In addition, the eye doctor will check for eye diseases and other problems that could lead to vision loss.

A comprehensive eye exam can take up to an hour – depending on the eye doctor and the number of tests done. Some of the tests could include visual acuity tests, color blindness tests, cover tests, and Retinoscopy.

An hour of your day doesn’t sound like much does it? Especially when you take into account more than 20 million Americans experience severe vision loss. So schedule that eye exam today – remember early detection is key. Happy seeing!


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